Hello beautiful people,

So this is my final post before the race - and this is my race number: 49147
Anyone who wishes to track me tomorrow just go on to the London Marathon’s official website and follow the link to “Results” and “tracking”

I shall send an update once I’m on the other side and let you know how I’ve done.

I’m off to have some rest now and try and switch off.

I’ve got a giveaway for the next person who donates and takes me over £2000. It’s a patchwork purse handmade by my mum and for the person with the highest donation from now until tomorrow is my mum’s best work to date a handmade handbag!!!


Ps. My secret of getting rid of my cellulite I’ve had since I was 12 (I’m 27 now) is 6 months on the high carb low fat vegan diet and a bit of exercising. Try it!


1 more sleep!

Hello beautiful people,

It’s come round quick! The marathon is TOMORROW!

I’m so excited, proper buzzing! I’m just picking my mum up, she’s just flown in all the way from Budapest so she can watch me tomorrow.

I’m so happy, I can’t even begin to tell you. I’ve not seen her for months and it’s amazing I’ll be able to share the joy of (hopefully) completing the 26 mile challenge that’s ahead of me.

Especially as she’s the main reason I’ve signed up for this 6 months ago. I’m so proud of her for overcoming such a terrible disease and I hope I can make her proud tomorrow as well.

Please, sponsor if you or your family has or hasn’t been affected by cancer - I’m fundraising for Teenage Cancer Trust who are doing some amazing work and helping kids with cancer:

It’s been my mission to raise awareness and promote a healthy lifestyle.
Please help me meet my target so together we can transform lives.
With the money raised, Teenage Cancer Trust can continue carrying on with giving support to these kids and possibly opening more units where they can look after them.

My family has been following a vegan lifestyle and we’re feeling healthier than ever! You can do something for your health today as well! Eat a banana or go for a jog and make sure you bring one of your friends, too ;-)

All my Cinderella love,
Nora xxx